Thursday, May 31, 2012

Weapons and Armor


Come to find out that 540 weapon sprites, all painstakingly drawn pixel by pixel, is actually kinda like work.

Now, you may notice that they all look almost exactly the same.  I did copy and paste the forms and then painted over them with the "Material" color.  The idea is that each weapon has stats that will be effected by the material that they are made from.  The same with armor.  Potions will work a little differently, where there will be "levels" of potions all having the same effect but with increased efficiency.  Magic, I'm still up in the air on.  I know that there will be crystals that are used to cast spells, but I still don't really know how you make the spells more powerful.  A dilemma for another evening, I do believe.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Village Creation

After much drinking and coding and drawing I finally have a working village for Daniel the Hero.  I still need to draw and code the crafting interfaces, but I'm really excited that I can move around the village and experience the tutorial (I can't save yet, so I HAVE to experience the tutorial).  Here's a screenshot of what is done so far.

Yeah.  The graphics are a little rough, but hey.  It's my first game, and it works!  I think I'm going to drink to celebrate.  Yay me!