Playable Games:

Faerie Princess Alyshia
"This garden was my home.  Trampled by the boots of man, and dug up by their machines, almost none of the magic remains.  With my butterfly companions, I shall once again have my  garden, a home for the wonders of the faerie realm." - The Faerie Princess

Faerie Princess Idler is a fun little diversion from the bleak day to day life.  With bright and vivid graphics, and a calm soothing soundtrack and play style, we hope that you will find your inner peace.
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In Development:

Oswald's Chocolate Factory - (In Development)
(Coming to various free to play sites October 2012)

"I know...I know...Elves are supposed to make sweets, Gnomes are supposed to make gadgets.  So I'm not an Elf.  Why can't I make gadgets that make sweets?  I'll show the world.  I'm going to make the biggest chocolate factory ever!" - Oswald the Gnome

Oswald's Chocolate Factory is an exciting puzzle game where you build production lines for various lines of chocolaty goodness.  Be careful, though, the Gremlins are always looking for an opportunity to make your factory fail.

To Do:    11% Complete

Main Game Mechanics - 90%
Tutorial - 0%
Main Menu - 0%
In Game Achievements - 0%
Options Screen - 0%
Upgrades Screen - 0%
Level Selection Screen - 0%
Story - 0%

Daniel the Hero - (In Development)  
(Release TBA)
"When I found the child, I knew that he was something special. I kept him, raised him and taught him right from wrong. When the dreams came, I finally realized what I was training him for."-The Village Elder

Daniel the Hero, is an Indie RPG Dungeon Crawler, based in a small, unknown village that has suddenly found their door opened to an unspeakable evil. As Daniel, you will venture into caverns on the edge of town.  You will fight your way through swarms of creatures. You will collect items and materials to craft weapons, armor, potions and more.  In the end, will you be strong enough to defeat the evil that threatens your village and possibly the entire world?

To Do:     45% Complete

Menu and I/O - 50%
Village Tutorial
Villager Interfaces - 50%
Inventory Interface
Inventory System - 90%
Random Dungeon Generation
Mob Placement and Movement
Loot Placement
Melee Combat
Ranged Combat
Boss Fights

Heavy Metal Butterfly Chapter 1: Black Box - (In Development)
(Release TBA)

Heavy Metal Butterfly is a shooter based in the near future. There is an alien force with unimaginable technology. To combat their strength humans needed something new. Over the years, popular media has taught us that machines who think will be the end of the world.
The military's decision was that the underlying problem was smart A.I. Thats where Heavy Metal Butterfly starts.
This A.I is is anything but smart, and it's happy, very happy. The marketing pitch for the HMB was "He'd make a good pet but he's a fighter jet." and it holds true.
Take advantage of the Doc's knowledge to upgrade your systems and if you listen to the Colonel's orders you can save the world.

Dragon Tycoon - (In Design)
(Release TBA)
To Do:  25% Complete

Design Characters
Design Play Style - 50%
Design Story - 50%
Rough Graphic Development

Rainbow Kingdom TD - (In Design)
(Release TBA)
To Do:  38% Complete

Design Characters
Design Play Style - 50%
Design Story
Rough Graphic Development

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