I am a 30*cough* year old guy who woke up one morning and decided, “I’m going to make video games.”  Like a lot of people who came to this aspiration, the first thing I did was start learning new languages.  I haven’t programmed since I was 12, and back then it was on an old TI computer in a language called LOGO.  I know a little bit of C and Cobol, so I figured C# was the place to start.  Several weeks and several bottles of wine later, I was still no closer to making a game.
            So I pondered.  “Me,” I pondered, “Are we even going to be able to make games in C# after you learn it?  Do we even understand the graphic and sound engines we are trying to learn the API of?”
            “Well me,” I replied, “Maybe we would be better served learning JAVA and making mobile applications.”
            I agreed with myself on this, so I set out on the learning trail of JAVA.  Several months and several bottles of whiskey later, I am still no closer to making the first line of code for a new game. 
            So I pondered.  “Me,” I pondered, “Do you think we will ever be able to make a game?  JAVA is great and all, but how are we going to afford the SDLs and Engines that we are going to use?  Do you even know how to implement an SDL?”
            “Shut up me,” I snapped.  I immediately regretted it.  “I’m sorry, me.  I’m just so frustrated.  I have all these great ideas, and I really don’t understand these new fangled languages that kids today write in.  If only I could find a relatively simple language that would allow me to publish my games at no cost to me.”
            Now maybe it was all the whiskey, but at that moment I heard what I swore was a choir of angels singing from inside my computer.  In hind sight, I think it was my power supply dying.  The important thing is that I realized that I play a lot of games on Kongregate.  When I say a lot, I mean that I play more games on Kong then I do on my XBox.  This is how I decided to start making Flash games.
            Learning Flash hasn’t been as easy as I thought it would be, but it has been an entertaining challenge that has let me focus on the design while I learn at the same time.  My first game is coming out a little rough around the corners, but I feel like it is playable.  I look forward to what I will learn in my future games, and the entertainment that they will provide the people who play them.

I am a less than 30*cough*year old guy who decided to program video games.

I got a bit nostalgic after catching Darkness knee deep in code. Although I remembered the interest of programming, Flash games will be an entirely new endeavor. That may not have been enough for me to begin except for the fact that if we are all honest we have all seen games online that make you think 'I can do better'.

It's a bit above flash game potential, but I do reserve the hope that my passion for architecture would eventually be used for game design. This is a bio so I should say more about me. Unfortunately talking about myself isn't my strong point. You'd think it would be easy because...well its me. Enough of this, back to coding.

Hiya, I'm Spooky. Right now I'm currently the only member with enough guts to have my picture on here. Soon, I will force Darkness and ZaxxonMaster to let me post pictures for them!  I do lots of awesome stuff, including swinging on swings, but I also do a lot of stuff for this company. (Or I'm good at pretending, who knows) . I do PR/marketing/website stuffs/Facebook/Twitter/help with games/etc.   I could post educational and career information about myself...or I could just post a link to my Pinterest where you can get to know me through recycled pictures. I occasionally post nonsense on my personal Twitter.  

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