Thursday, June 28, 2012

Lots of stuff happens when I forget to post for a while

Daniel has me stumped.  I'm working on the dungeon code for the game, and for some reason the hero sprite is not where he looks like he is on the dungeon map.  I can't really figure out where he is.  Something funky going on with the camera, I believe.  I'll get it figured out.  I'm stubborn like that :D

Faerie Princess Idler is coming along swimmingly.  I should be ready for Beta this weekend, and hopefully have all the graphics ironed out and polished in 3-4 weeks.  It's been a lot of heavy graphical work, especially for an idler, but I think you will agree that the final result is worth the effort:

"Well that's all fine and good," I hear you say, "but didn't you get a new developer.  What's he doing?"

Glad you asked.  After I get done posting this, I'm going to post a synopsis for Heavy Metal Butterfly.  It promises to be a unique combination of Galaga style shooter, side scrolling shooter, and platform game...With plot!  

Long and short, there is lots of excitement going on right now at Megan Morgan Games.  I can't promise that my posts will come more frequently, but I will do my best to keep everyone posted with the development developments as they develop.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Time for something cute!

I decided to take a short break from my work on Daniel the Hero, to create something light and fluffy.  The final decision that I made was that I was going to make some kind of idler.  Problem is, I've played lots of idlers and I didn't want to make a game just like those.  So prepare yourselves for Faerie Princess Idler!

All the code is pretty much done.  I have a cutscene to program, but that's about it.  Where the majority of the work in this game is going to go is in the graphics.  I have rough placemarker graphics in there right now, but I'm carefully working on replacing those with far more vivid graphics.  It's a lot of fun, and hopefully will allow me to approach Daniel with a fresh new outlook.

A somewhat pixelated example of one of the graphics we will be seeing in the new title.  Excitement!

P.S. - I had almost forgotten about animated GIFs.  They don't look any better after 20

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Forward in reverse

Daniel The Hero RPG. 

I'm just about done with the inventory system.  Enough to call it complete.  I have to add a few more player variables to make the potions work, but everything shows up and everything equips.  I'll call it 90% done, and leave the last 10% for later.

To that end, I decided to start working on the code for the dungeon itself.  Needless to say, there has been much screaming and gnashing of teeth.  The random dungeon generator was completed before I started seriously working on this project.  I figure, if I couldn't get that to work, I didn't want to waste my time on the rest of the code.

Maybe I was tired, maybe I was too sober.  Either way, I was making some really simple math mistakes, that somehow I kept missing when I looked through and traced the code.  Long story short, it works now.  You can't move around, and there is no loot or monsters yet, but there is a dungeon.  I'll post some more screenshots when it gets more interactive :)

On a side note, I've decided not to forgo coding the crafting system and limited dungeon visibility for the time being.  I'm going to see how the game looks with stores and full visibility.  If it looks like it needs the crafting or limited visibility, I'll code them at that time.  For the time being, though, I'm taking them off the To Do list.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

New member!

We have brought on a second developer!  Okay, he's family, and isn't getting paid, but I'm still excited to have a second person on board designing and developing software.  He's supposed to be sending me a bio soon so that we can add it to the "About" page, and he's already begun work on what promises to be a very exciting game.  As soon as he has a working title, I will add it to the "Games" page, and try to get some screenshots for the blog.

Good times.  Good times.

Also, I am almost finished with the inventory system in Daniel the Hero.  I have some cleaning up to do, and the "Use" and "Equip" buttons don't do anything yet, but it is looking very promising.

Hopefully this weekend I will have some more screenshots to show off, and possibly will be able to begin work on the actual dungeon :D

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Inventory woes and whoas

It's slow work, but the inventory interface is coming along in Daniel the Hero.  It would probably go faster, but I want to have little graphics and descriptions of each item (Which is quite a few) in the game.  So far all the food is done, but there are only ten possible food items.  I'm about a fifth of the way through potions.  Tomorrow is my day off, so I hope to get a nice chunk of the rest of the items out of the way.

This of course means that there is no in game screenshots ready to show, but did anyone know that I know how to crochet?

I made these a couple of years ago.  I'm certain everyone recognizes who they are, but just in case, Cait Sith is on the left and Moogle is on the right.  They both stand at about 2-1/2' tall and each took about 5 skeens of yarn.  I guess I'm kind of obsessive in everything I do, right? ;)

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Character creation and Statistics


So I finished character creation in Daniel the Hero:

As you may notice, there are a few skills there to choose from.  The game is going to be skill based.  Meaning that the more you swing a sword, the better you get at it.  The more you cast a spell, the better you get at it.  And so on.  Attributes (On the right) also play a part in how well you use your skills, but they are increased as you gain experience levels.

Having this process finished meant that I could finish the Statistics window:

You may notice that all those skills from character creation aren't there.  You can only see skills that have at least one level.  You still gain skill experience using skills that have no levels, but they won't show up on the Statistics screen.  Mainly just to keep the screen clean and easy to read.

Phew!  That was a lot of work.  Next up is making it so that you can actually equip your weapons and armor, which means laying out some rudimentary combat equations.  Hopefully tomorrow, but definitely no later than Friday. 

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Games have a lot of graphics

So....In the past couple of days I have worked (Before and after my full time job) on more graphics for the game Daniel the Hero.  Right now I'm still working on the inventory graphics, but I think I'm just about done with them.  Then I get to work on the interface windows for crafting, and finally get the I/O system in place.  I've never done anything in Flash before, let alone something that creates save files, so this should be interesting.  Be prepared for drunken rants ;)

For those interested, I have a clip of some of the armor that I've finished.  I realized that my weapons post didn't really show much, so this one is Supersized!