Saturday, June 9, 2012

Inventory woes and whoas

It's slow work, but the inventory interface is coming along in Daniel the Hero.  It would probably go faster, but I want to have little graphics and descriptions of each item (Which is quite a few) in the game.  So far all the food is done, but there are only ten possible food items.  I'm about a fifth of the way through potions.  Tomorrow is my day off, so I hope to get a nice chunk of the rest of the items out of the way.

This of course means that there is no in game screenshots ready to show, but did anyone know that I know how to crochet?

I made these a couple of years ago.  I'm certain everyone recognizes who they are, but just in case, Cait Sith is on the left and Moogle is on the right.  They both stand at about 2-1/2' tall and each took about 5 skeens of yarn.  I guess I'm kind of obsessive in everything I do, right? ;)

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