Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Time for something cute!

I decided to take a short break from my work on Daniel the Hero, to create something light and fluffy.  The final decision that I made was that I was going to make some kind of idler.  Problem is, I've played lots of idlers and I didn't want to make a game just like those.  So prepare yourselves for Faerie Princess Idler!

All the code is pretty much done.  I have a cutscene to program, but that's about it.  Where the majority of the work in this game is going to go is in the graphics.  I have rough placemarker graphics in there right now, but I'm carefully working on replacing those with far more vivid graphics.  It's a lot of fun, and hopefully will allow me to approach Daniel with a fresh new outlook.

A somewhat pixelated example of one of the graphics we will be seeing in the new title.  Excitement!

P.S. - I had almost forgotten about animated GIFs.  They don't look any better after 20 years...lol

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