Sunday, July 15, 2012

Almost there

I'm working on some final bug fixes, and then I'm going to pass Faerie Princess Alyshia (new name for Faerie Princess Idler) on to my testers.  I figure a week should be adequate to test the game, and will give me time to plug the appropriate APIs in.

The open story sequence has been fun to work on.  I finally decided to go with my parchment background and use some edge faded images to accentuate the text.  The images aren't extremely impressive, but I think they get the idea across.

You may notice that there is a huge transparent border around the image.  It was the only way I could insure a clean fade into the parchment background.  If the border was smaller it seemed to leave a flash-line that was very unattractive...

The current bug is driving me nuts, but I think I'll have it fixed before I go to bed tonight.  It seems that when I tell the program to splice the array, it is leaving a null value in the spot that is being spliced.  It only seems to do this with my clouds, and not with my bubbles (Both use the same routine).  Anyway.  I'm sure I'll get it figured out.

With any luck.  You should be able to look forward to seeing Faerie Princess Alyshia next weekend!

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