Thursday, July 26, 2012

Where the magic happens

Faerie Princesses and candy making Gnomes don't grow on trees...Well...Maybe they do, but we make them to star in our video games.  On this end, we kind of thought (and I'm not using the royal We this time) that all of you might like a little look behind the scenes of Megan Morgan Games.  

So.  Without further adieu.  The office:

Magical Shelf of Inspirations

When we dream, we dream of electric sheep.  Or maybe we dream about Homer Simpson and the Scooby Gang.  Any way it goes, this shelf embodies the little things that bring us here at Megan Morgan Games little moments of joy and happiness.  

Spooky's Desk

This is where Spooky lives.  Well, she lives in the whole house, but this is where she works.  If I can draw your attention to the right, you will notice a couple of really, really, really, really (1,2,3,4) really, creepy books.  And yes, that is a weird book about mushrooms next to the ventriloquism book.

Darkness' Current Game Board

We like marker boards.  There are several of them around the office.  This one is where Darkness keeps track of what needs to be done in his current project.  The notes in this picture reference the work he is doing on Oswald's Chocolate Factory.  You may notice the coffee stain on his flow chart.  At any given time, Darkness drinks enough coffee to personally finance the country of Columbia.

Modular Dungeon Pieces

Everyone needs a hobby.  We at Megan Morgan Games say "Why have just one?"  Darkness likes to make fantasy architectural models.  This picture shows a few pieces that he made for a simplified version of D&D that he plays with the kids.  The two minis were hand painted by Darkness and are the characters that are played in the game (The kids picked them out themselves).

The Stargate

Both Spooky and Darkness enjoy various forms of needlework.  The Stargate is a piece that Spooky made for Darkness for his birthday.  There really is no place like home.  As a side note, she also made an awesome Salad Fingers doll [Pictured on Darkness' Current Game Board].

The Geek Shelf

If your geeky and you know it clap your Bigby's Floating Hands.  Darkness plays D&D, he loves Star Wars, and reads Dean Koontz and Brian Lumley.  There are two more shelves above these that contain our Stephen King books, our minis shelf, and (for some strange reason) a cactus shot glass.

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